A Helping Hand to Clinicians

Collect patient readings

Florence reminds patients to take their own readings. They use their own mobile phone from the comfort of their own home.

View Readings on Charts

Clinicians manage patients from the simple web interface. Florence presents all of the readings on easy-to-read charts.

Get Important Alerts

Clinicians can set Florence to alert them with an email or text when patient readings don't look right or show worrying trends.

Liberating Patients

Florence Gives Patients Their Freedom Back

Patients aren't tied to a machine at home or visits to surgery or hospital. They take readings at their convenience whether at home with family, or on holiday.

Florence Gets Patients More Involved

Regular, personalised health tips and medication reminders are sent to patients based on their readings. They become more involved and take more responsibility for their own healthcare.

Florence Gives Patients Confidence

Frequent, short messages are unobtrusive and help the patient feel more cared for, more involved, and more in control of their own healthcare.

Customisable for Clinicians & Patients

Regular, personalised communication encourages behavioural change and gets patients more actively involved in their own healthcare. We created Florence so it can be tailored for groups or individual patients with unique healthcare requirements.

Florence is already being used for:

Illustration of the different things that Florence can be used for

And Much More:

Blood Oxygen, Stress, Medication Reminders, Urine Tests, Exercise Reminders, Blood Glucose, Smoking Cessation, and other areas as agreed and set up by a patient’s clinician.

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A Highly Respected System

Florence is winning awards and gaining recognition at the highest level.

Stephen Johnson Deputy Director - Long Term Conditions A system far more suited to the needs of the NHS.
Sir John Oldham National Clinical Lead - Quality and Productivity Flo is actively supporting the need to look holistically at patients.
Miles Ayling Director of Innovation & Service Improvement The NHS at its best.
Crown Commercial Services Supplier
Organisations that use Florence

Helping People to Manage Their Own Conditions

Reducing the strain on existing health services.