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How Florence is reducing ‘Did Not Attend’ rates of patients

Date posted: 13 Nov 2014

Nottingham’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ADHD Clinic decided to start using Florence last February.

Before Florence was introduced they were seeing rates of missed appointments reaching 55%. Not only do missed appointments affect Clinicians and result in a waste of resources, they also create an environment where by patients aren’t receiving the care that they need.

The Clinic started using Florence to remind patients of their appointments. The system sends the text reminders one week, 5 days, 3 days and 1 day before each appointment date.

When the patient receives the text reminder they’re asked to text back to confirm their attendance. If they can’t attend then they are asked to call up to rearrange their appointment.

All of the patient’s using Florence at this Clinic now have an attendance rate of 100%.

These patients are so happy with the system that they’re now requesting to use it to remind them to pick up their prescriptions.