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How Florence has helped John Stalker (54) manage his COPD and retain his independence

Date posted: 08 Sep 2015

John (54) from Hamilton, was a long distance lorry driver who loves singing and playing guitar in his spare time. Before his diagnosis he regularly performed around local music halls and clubs and he’s been known as ‘Lanarkshire’s answer to Johnny Cash’.

Unfortunately, in 2011 Johnny was diagnosed with COPD after suffering with increased breathlessness and a persistent cough.

COPD is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic asthma and the disease can affect anyone over the age of 16.

The diagnosis resulted in John having to retire from his job and from his love of singing. John commented, “When something like this happens it affects your confidence profoundly – especially when you’re used to performing”.

John was given ongoing medical support, however he was still admitted to hospital 11 times in 2014 alone.

The patient has since been introduced to Florence, the innovative text message system which allows the respiratory nurses to constantly manage his condition. Florence allows John to text details such as his pulse and oxygen levels into Florence’s shortcode, 64711. He then receives texts back with advice and reminders, all of which are based on his latest readings and the individual care which has been programmed for him by his specialist nurse.

If John’s symptoms worsen then an alert is sent to his nurse allowing them to call, text or visit as required.

Florence has given John a crucial boost and has ensured that his hospital admissions are now considerably lower by allowing specialist support and treatment to be initiated earlier. He has only been admitted to hospital once in the 6 months he’s been using the system, which is a massive improvement.

John said that Florence has given him “an extra layer of reassurance and a sense of regaining control. Help and advice is only a text away”. John has been able to regain some control over his health and can now continue to enjoy his freedom despite his illness.