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psHEALTH has acquired Florence

Date posted: 19 Nov 2020

psHEALTH acquired, on November 19th 2020, Mediaburst Limited, the owner and license holder of the Florence platform, from Commify. In addition to the unique platform, psHEALTH will be partnering with the incredible team from Simple Shared Healthcare Ltd, who are delivering and leading the Florence community of practice, to further develop the Florence offering and platform. This exciting addition builds on the portfolio of digital health technologies delivered by psHEALTH and allows the organisation to bring back into the NHS Florence’s 3rd generation platform (currently being used in Australia).

Caris Marsh, CEO at psHEALTH says: “We are thrilled to have the Florence platform and membership team onboard. This small team has achieved so much already and the potential of this simple solution to improve the lives of patients is enormous. We look forward to joining forces to accelerate the great work they’ve started through further investment in the product and team.”

Phil O’Connell, the original inventor of Florence says: “I am delighted to team up with psHEALTH. This combination will enable us to take Florence to the next level and deliver better patient outcomes across the NHS. We are excited to be able to further leverage our unique clinical evidence base (across 40 independent studies) showing better and faster clinical outcomes for patients using Flo. The team at psHEALTH are as excited as we are to bring our game changing 3rd generation system back home from Australia for the benefit of NHS patients. Both teams are really excited!”

Paul Burton, Chief Strategy Officer at Commify says: “We are delighted for Florence to be joining a healthcare software specialist that has the experience and team to maximise its exciting market opportunity. We look forward to working with the psHEALTH team to deliver the transition of Florence from Commify to psHEALTH”

About Florence

Florence is a simple digital health solution that uses behavioural psychology theories to interactively engage and motivate patients via SMS text messages to adhere better to shared healthcare management plans. Florence delivers digital health with human touch, reducing the impact of poor adherence to therapies on the intended outcomes of best practice care. Florence has been shown to contribute to a dramatic improvement in quality of life for patients with long-term conditions. Around 150 NHS organisations currently use Florence in the UK addition to a number of international healthcare organisations (including in Australia and the US)

About psHEALTH

psHEALTH have 10 years of experience developing healthcare technology solutions and for the last 5 years have focused on NHS referral challenges. Their platform ART (Advanced, Referral & Triage) automates the referral process and supports clinical triage and patient communication in a single platform enabling efficient processing of referrals and supporting improved capacity planning and patient access

Note: in the coming months the Mediaburst Limited legal entity name will be changing as ‘Mediaburst’ will remain an ongoing messaging trading brand owned by Commify