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What do hypertension patients think of Florence?

Date posted: 03 May 2016

A study has been conducted to evaluate the patient experience of adults using Florence to manage their hypertension.

Florence’s approach with hypertension is for patients to take home blood pressure readings and text them into Florence’s server for immediate, automatic analysis and individual healthcare professional review.

After tracking 124 Florence users for 13 weeks, patient satisfaction was found to be high. In particular patients found the system to be easy to use, they were very satisfied with the feedback from their GP regarding their blood pressure readings, they found the advice sent by Florence useful and preferred to send blood pressure readings using Florence rather than having to go to the practice monthly to get their readings checked.

Overall, satisfaction with Florence was 4.81/5.00 at week 13 of the programme.

Other advantages of using Florence included enhanced education about hypertension and a greater feeling of support, companionship and flexibility, which allowed self-care to occur at a time that suited the patient rather than their practice.

Florence’s approach to managing hypertension has been met with high levels of patient satisfaction and feelings of control and support. Following the results, it was suggested that this management approach should be considered for widespread implementation for clinical management of hypertension and other long-term conditions. As many conditions involve the monitoring of patients’ bodily measurements and symptoms, Florence is a great way to regulate and monitor these quickly, efficiently and in an acceptable way.

You can view the full study here.