Florence is provided by us, Mediaburst.

To get setup we need a signed order from your NHS organisation. We also need at least two people for whom we can provide administrative access.

The costs to get started are an annual license and support fee of £2k plus a minimum £3k bundle of text messages. Further bundles can be purchased as and when you need them.*

* Florence is currently only open to UK NHS organisations, in the longer term we hope to open it to a wider and international audience.

Simple Telehealth

The Simple Telehealth programme is delivered by Simple.uk.net on behalf of Stoke-On-Trent CCG.

They provide information and tools to help clinicians develop innovative and practical ways to implement Florence.

Membership provides you with invaluable support and assistance when implementing Florence. They'll help you identify patient cohorts, establish clinical protocols, best practices, flyers, handouts, attendance at seminars, CPD and more. They charge £6,360 per annum.**

** You don’t need to join the Simple Telehealth programme. You could just take Florence and go it alone. But we strongly advise you join the programme, their work and knowledge in making Florence a success in the NHS is second-to-none. You can find more information about Simple Telehealth via their collaborative website here.

Get Florence

If your NHS organisation is interested in using Florence, please contact Mediaburst.