Information Governance

Intended Purpose.

Florence is a tool to help clinicians develop innovative and practical ways to help patients help themselves by:

  • Improving adherence to treatment plans through encouragement, reminders and regular contact;
  • Regularly collecting self-reported data and providing instant feedback;
  • Enabling improvements in clinical team productivity and outcome quality;
  • Engaging patients in their own health and social care plans.

Opting In.

Patients are invited to join Florence by a registered clinician. Each patient is informed that their data may be shared across their healthcare team. Patient consent is recorded when they text back to “opt-in”. No healthcare information is given or collected until the opt-in is received.

Opting Out.

Any patient can opt out at any time by replying or texting “STOP” to 64711.

Data Sharing and Ownership.

Clinicians across different surgeries and clinical commissioning groups share patient data.

To view a patient's information a clinician must have access to their mobile phone number – the clinician will be warned that they must have consent to view the data.

When a clinician accesses a patients record for the first time Florence will immediately text the patient that a new clinician has accessed their data. The text includes the clinician name, group, organisation and telephone number.

All the data belongs to the patient – your organisation's Caldicott Guardian is the data controller.

Florence legal documentation

You will find Florence's legal documentation at

  • Terms and conditions
  • Data processing agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • Information security policy
  • Data retention policy