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Digital Healthcare: The Essential Guide

Date posted: 21 Jul 2016

Dr Ruth Chambers, a GP partner at Furlong Medical Centre in Tunstall and chair of Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group is a great advocate of digital technology in improving health and social care services. She has co-authored a brilliant book; Digital Healthcare: The Essential Guide, which has been published this month.

The book is a practical guide to adopting simple telehealth to boost the effectiveness of NHS services.

Dr Chambers said: “Different modes of digital healthcare have the enormous potential to dramatically revolutionise the delivery of healthcare as we know it in health and social care settings. Technology-enabled care greatly improves health outcomes, enhances end-users’ experiences and saves money.”

The book captures the experiences of frontline practitioners and managers who have vast experience in making telehealth work and who have seen positive changes by adopting technology enabled care. Dr Chambers hopes this book will help managers and professionals understand and embrace digital healthcare.

The Guide uses case studies, checklists and FAQs along with other tools to help professionals engage with patients, citizens and service users in taking more responsibility for their own care. It also supports the development of a business care for technology enabled care services (TECS).

Julia Manning, Chief Executive at 2020 Health said, “(This book) needs to be found in the hands of everyone who works in the health and care services, because patients deserve to reap the benefits of digital healthcare.”

For more information about Digital Healthcare: The Essential Guide (266 page, £24.99), please click here.

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